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AT J.HILBURN, we believe every man in America deserves a J.Hilburn Stylist. Driven by the power of entrepreneurship, we provide an effortless, personalized experience with sustainable, custom-made clothing that gives men confidence and makes them look and feel great.

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A Personal Approach to Style

Armed with luxury fabrics and designs and a myriad of personalization options, Stylists create the ultimate custom menswear experience for their Clients.

Training That Empowers You

Our unparalleled training program is designed to set you up for success, providing you all the tools to thrive. Best of all, you earn while you learn.

Make Style Your Life

J.Hilburn provides everything you need to become a menswear expert.

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Measure Your Potential For Success

Personal Sales

Grow your business with commission earnings on your personal sales!

Team Sales

Grow your team, and your earnings will grow with additional commissions on your team sales.

Bonuses and

Our Stylists have the opportunity to earn sales, performance based incentives, and bonuses.

The Life of a J.Hilburn Stylist


Be your own boss and set your own goals and schedule! You will enjoy the flexibility of building a business that grows with your time investment.

Helping Clients

You’ll take pride in representing J.Hilburn’s custom menswear. Our luxury designs, the finest fabrics in the world, and your personal touch meet to create custom-made garments of exceptional value.


Become a leader and grow your team! As part of the J.Hilburn Stylist community, you’ll find boundless opportunities to be inspired and celebrate successes.


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